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What do you get when you cross an up-and-coming apparel line with action sports stars? Killer brand representation, that’s what. Airtype is proud to announce that we’ve reached sponsorship agreements with Pro BMX notables Austin Hardee, Lance Mosley and Jared Ward for our Airtype Clothing line.

Our owner Led—a former BMX Flatland champ himself—is always looking for talent to reflect the creative approach adopted in our apparel and at the Studio, and these three riders are prime examples of creativity in motion. If you haven’t already, you should familiarize yourself with these emergent legends of the ramp.

→ Austin Hardee

Austin Hardee

Mentored by Dave Mirra in his hometown of Greenville, Austin has been riding since age 9, and is one of the original breeds of Protown USA. From honing his skills in local warehouses to sharing the stage with the American BMX Team in front of millions on America’s Got Talent, Austin has become a star of the Pro Park circuit and in stunt shows throughout the country. Austin’s most memorable moment was pulling his first ever double backflip in contest for the home crowd to see. Austin is a cool cat with a no-holds-barred approach to the sport, and thoroughly enjoys sharing his passion for BMX.

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Austin Spineflip


X-UP Backflip - OKC Thunder

Austin Car Flip

Race Car Frontie

Austin Hardee

Front Flip - Carolina Panthers

Austin’s Mirraco Bike Check

→ Lance Mosley

Lance Mosley

A BMX mainstay since 1995, Lance has accomplished quite a lot in his professional career. Hailing from the O.C., he’s conquered dirt trails and ramps, winning major events on multiple tours. He’s had big sponsorships and been in ads for major brands like T-Mobile, but Lance has truly built his career (and his bike) from the ground up. We’re pleased to have him reppin’ the brand.

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Lance Mosley

Backflip - OCK Thunder

Lance Mosley

Turndown - OKC Thunder

Lance Superman Air on T-Mobile Commercial

→ Jared Ward

Jared Ward

Though he likely could have been a baseball star, Jared discovered his knack for BMX as a teenager in Ohio. After winning contests across the East Coast, his textbook style and smooth technique have taken him from YouTube sensation to King BMX & Trans Jam standout—where he continues to amass victories. Jared has overcome the challenges of diabetes to reach prominence in the BMX field, and is an inspiration to many for his work ethic and skill set.

Jared Ward

Trail Damage

Jared Ward

In the Rafters

Jared’s 1st Place Run // Trans Jam Contest

→ Americas Got Talent

Check out Austin & Jared on Season 7 of America’s Got Talent:

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