Airtype Launches Winstagram

June 24, 2012 1 Comment

Airtype has launched a new site for showcasing Instagram® photos relevant to the Winston-Salem area.


As part of an ongoing effort to celebrate the legacy of Winston-Salem and its thriving culture, Airtype Studio has launched a website called Winstagram as a centerpoint for Winston-based photos.

The rise in popularity of public photo-sharing sites has inspired many to share their pictures online with friends, family and the world. Concerned about the lack of photographic exposure that the Winston-Salem area receives, Airtype felt that a central hub was needed to capture the spirit of the city and its people.

Using the Instagram® application, users can simply tag their photos with #wsnc when uploading to have them appear on the Winstagram site. As awareness increases for the site, Airtype is hoping to build on the existing model to honor the city.

“We’d love to eventually use some of these photos for a downtown mural or perhaps a photography book” says Bryan Ledbetter, owner/founder of Airtype Studio. “Anything that will get people in the area excited about getting involved is a positive step. It’s been really neat watching photos come in as Winstagram spreads throughout our community.”

Utilizing Airtype’s Flexgrid framework, the Winstagram site adapts for desktop, tablet and mobile devices for an optimized experience. Airtype plans to roll out new features as awareness grows, as well as a dedicated app version.

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Winstagram uses the InstagramTM API and is not endorsed or certified by InstagramTM or Burbn, inc.

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